Friday blog roundup

Time to empty the RSS feed again…

People in Venezuela are making money off of exchange rate arbitrage in conjunction with airline tickets. The Venezuelan government allows people to purchase $3000 at the official exchange rate (which is makes dollars VERY artificially cheap) if they have an airline ticket to the US. So, people are booking tickets to the U.S., buying cheap dollars at the official exchange rate, and selling those dollars on the black market. I saw this originally on View From the Wing. Here’s a link to the Reuters article cited. This makes me wonder if I can do this in reverse.

From The Girl and the Globe. “Eat With is a service connecting travelers with local hosts for a meal.  The hosts will invite you to their home and provide a home-prepared meal – complete with camaraderie, conversation, and a chance to connect in your travel destination on a deeper level. ” Check out her write-up of the service at

I’m not going to the Chicago Seminars this year, but if I were, I would suggest that the girlfriend attend Mommy Points’ Spouses’ Reception. I think that having a reception for the significant others is a fantastic idea. That way they know that their significant others aren’t as crazy as they think!

Speaking of Chicago, Rapid Travel Chai found a good place to catch some peace in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. (Which isn’t nearly as cool as the places to find peace in the Minneapolis airport.)

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