Chase Freedom cash back categories for October-December: Amazon, Department Stores

Chase Freedom Cash Back

Chase has announced their Chase Freedom bonus categories for October-November… and the categories are actually quite exciting. Remember, Chase Freedom requires you to sign up to receive bonus cash-back on their quarterly categories. Details are at the end of this post.

This quarter’s categories are:

Especially with the holiday gift season coming up, having 5% on these two categories is huge. Chase was also kind enough to provide a list of department stores that qualify for the bonus cash back.

I don’t shop at too many department stores, so the most interesting part of this for me is the Amazon bonus. From the FAQ:

“All purchases you make through the checkout at, including digital downloads, Gift Cards, Amazon Fresh orders and Amazon Prime subscriptions are included and items sold by third party merchants through’s marketplace.”

That said, maybe you’re not interested in spending $1500 on Amazon in the next three months, but if you are a heavy Amazon spender, it might be worthwhile to think about purchasing some Amazon gift cards.

If you are a Chase Freedom card holder, you should have received a reminder email from Chase with a link to activate your bonus categories for October-December. If you haven’t received the email head to and sign up.

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