For those attending Frequent Traveler University in Tampa: Attend Rapid Travel Chai’s sessions

A quick post for any blog readers going to Frequent Traveler University in Tampa today. (I will not be going this time around, but I will probably be at whatever is announced early in 2014.)

I’ve attended many Frequent Traveler University and FlyerTalk DO conferences in the past. I’ve found that the most rewarding sessions are hosted by Rapid Travel Chai. Rapid Travel Chai shares my perspective that the mileage/points hobby isn’t about flying as much as possible in Lufthansa First Class. It’s about discovering the world, challenging your perspectives, and learning more about yourself.

Here’s a link to his post on his sessions. You can get pretty much all of the information in the other sessions by going to FlyerTalk or asking me to post about it. What you will find in Chai’s sessions, you won’t find anywhere else.

4 thoughts on “For those attending Frequent Traveler University in Tampa: Attend Rapid Travel Chai’s sessions

  1. Glad to help out. Some of the most interesting people I’ve met at these conferences, I met through your sessions. I can listen to someone’s story about about how they scored a first class award on Lufthansa for about five minutes, but I can be completely captivated by the discussion that happens (sometimes for several hours) when I find someone who is well-traveled and wants to share stories about their experiences and what they have learned. Also, there are probably more full-page visa stickers in one of your sessions than in the rest combined. 😉

  2. Nice. I’m so glad that Russia liberalized their visa policy for U.S. citizens. Moscow is a fabulous destination for a quick weekend trip, so having the 3-year is handy!

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