Secret quiet spaces in the Minneapolis airport

Minneapolis is my home airport and one of my favorite airports. If you are traveling through the Minneapolis airport and need some peace and quiet or a place to corral the kiddos during your layover, here are two places where you can seek refuge.

MSP Airport - Quiet Seating Area

The Minneapolis airport has a “Quiet Seating Area” located near the Delta Sky Club, between the entrances to the F and G concourses. This is a great place to catch some rest on a long layover.

Stairs to the Quiet Seating Area

You can get to the “Quiet Seating Area” by taking the stairs or the elevator in front of the Sky Club.

Minneapolis Airport - Gallery Area

The Minneapolis Airport also has a gallery area, located above the entrance to the C and D concourses.

Minneapolis Airport - Entrance to the Gallery

The stairs to the gallery are located near the entrance to the E concourse and Ike’s Food and Cocktails.


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