The Flying Consultant is flying again!

Consulting life can bring surprises. Last week, I was told that my project in Tawas City, Michigan was ending and that I would be staffed in Indianapolis. This means I will spend approximately 8 fewer hours in a car each week AND I’ll be back to staying in Starwood hotels. This news is quite exciting, as it should give me more time to blog.

Also, I’ve got some travel planned over the next few months which should yield some good blogging material:

  • A trip to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany with some friends. You might see some features about a few American Airlines lounges or train travel in Europe out of this. This will be my first opportunity to use some of my American Systemwide Upgrades, so expect some pictures of American’s international premium product.
  • A weekend trip to Lima with some friends. I’ll probably blog about taking a weekend trip to some place exotic and about how I go about planning one of these.
  • A trip to the middle east with some bloggers. Expect fancy pictures of hotels; I am planning on staying at the St. Regis, Abu Dhabi!
  • A longer trip to Lima, where I’ll visit Machu Picchu and possibly take a train trip or two.

Lots of good stuff coming up! Stay tuned!

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