Reminder to select your Delta Medallion Choice Benefits

One of Delta’s less-publicized perks of high-level status is their Choice Benefits. Platinum and Diamond medallion members can select a choice benefit each year from among the following:

  • System-wide upgrades
  • Delta SkyClub one-day passes
  • Bonus miles
  • Travel gift card
  • Retail gift card
  • Gifting status to a friend

If you earned Platinum or Diamond status on Delta last year and haven’t selected your Choice Benefits yet, log into and select your Delta Medallion Choice Benefits. For status earned in 2013, you must select your choice benefits by February 28, 2014

2 thoughts on “Reminder to select your Delta Medallion Choice Benefits

  1. I used to redeem right away, now with having lost out on the new updrade certificates for 2014 by redeeming early, I am a bit cautious to select until closer to each year’s deadline. Fortunately my 2013 benefits were selected long ago. Delta certainly makes no effort to notify or remind elites of their existance.

  2. am a new Platinum Medallion, and had no idea of going online and making a “choice.” I am on Delta’s website every week booking flights. I never saw anywhere to make a choice. I missed it. 😦

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