Reviewed: Logitech MX Anywhere wireless mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere MouseSince I am on the road for work four days a week, I was looking for a wireless mouse that I wouldn’t mind using all day. At the recommendation of a colleague, I picked up the Logitech MX Anywhere. I’ve used this mouse for almost six months and have found that the Logitech MX Anywhere mouse is truly a gem; it tracks on glass surfaces, has great battery life, never loses connectivity, and is comfortable to use.


When selecting gear for traveling, size and weight are always two of the first things I consider. At first glance, this mouse appears to disappoint; it’s both larger and heavier than other mouses designed for travelers. I quickly discovered, however, that the added weight and size make this mouse quite comfortable to use for extended periods of time compared to other travel mouses I have used. Since I use this mouse as my primary mouse, comfort trumps weight and size. Getting the mouse up and running was a snap; I simply plugged the included Logitech Unifying receiver into my Windows computer and the mouse was usable without any additional configuration. (It also works with Macs.)


The Logitech Unifying receiver seems to be much more stable than Bluetooth, so this mouse should elicit a sigh of relief from anyone who has struggle with a Bluetooth mouse losing its connection. I’ve used the mouse to control my computer across a small classroom without any issues and have never had connection problems. The two AA batteries that power this mouse last for a long time, especially if you turn the mouse off during the night using the integrated optical sensor cover. Using the mouse all day, I’ve been able to get 3-4 months out of a pair of batteries. Where this mouse really shines is when you’re trying to track on clear surfaces. The performance isn’t flawless, but the Logitech MX Anywhere performs far better on glass surfaces than any other optical mouse I’ve used.

Features for travelers

The included Unifying receiver is small enough that I leave it plugged into my laptop. If you prefer to not keep the receiver attached to your laptop or switch computers often, the mouse has a place to store the receiver in a compartment under the battery. The mouse also comes with a leather zippered pouch, which is completely excessive, but it just makes the whole package a bit nicer.

Overall, the Logitech Anywhere MX mouse is an exceptionally well-designed product. It is comfortable to use as a primary mouse, has monster battery life, and tracks on glass. I take my Logitech Anywhere MX with me whenever I take my laptop.

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Logitech MX Anywhere wireless mouse

  1. As much as I dislike endorsing anything Microsoft….I would recommend the Microsoft Arc mouse over this one – if anything because it “unfolds” flat and tucks nicely into your computer bag. It may be a personal opinion – and a self-admitted issue of my own – but weight, and more importantly, size *IS* an issue for me as I have busted / crushed a mouse similar to the Logitec variety before. The Arc also has an extremely great battery life and relatively comfortable to use for an extended period of time (I don’t get hand cramps or anything). The only disadvantage compared to the Logitec MX is that it wont track on glass…but I honestly don’t find myself on glass surfaces very often. 🙂

    • I’ve seen A LOT of people with the Microsoft Arc mouse, so it is certainly a popular choice and I do like how it folds up. Maybe I should take one out for a spin. I always seem to find hotel rooms with glass surfaces on the desks…and I got quite tired of using a notepad as a mousing surface.

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