Fun Airline Safety Videos

A number of airlines have released new safety videos this week. While the safety video could be one of the most boring parts of flying, some airlines will spice it up. Air New Zealand is well-known for producing quirky (and fun) safety videos. The newest installment is based on the characters in The Hobbit, and even includes a cameo of Peter Jackson.

This isn’t the only fun video that the Air New Zealand people have put together. At the top of my list for best safety videos is the “Fit to Fly” video featuring 80’s fitness icon Richard Simmons. My friends are very mixed on this one; some love it, some hate it. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Finally, the award for cutest safety video goes to Pegasus, a low-cost Turkish airline. How do you make a safety video incredibly cute? Well, you’ll have to watch it for the answer. Apologies for the video quality and the German subtitles; this was the only video I could find which showed the whole safety announcement.

What are your favorite airline safety videos? Share the links in your comments!

2 thoughts on “Fun Airline Safety Videos

  1. Obligatory one from Alaska, Timbers announcements commercial:
    I don’t remember which airline this one is, but gotta love them dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry during the instructions:
    and Southwest’s rapping flight attendant, since they’re good at shaking things up and someone I know shared this recently:

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