Pre-check on Alaska Airlines working for Delta elites

On my way back from Alaska today, I made an interesting discovery: Pre-Check worked for me as a Delta elite flying with an Alaska Airlines boarding pass. 

Here are the details of how my ticket was set up:

  • The ticket was an American Airlines ticket, on 001 ticket stock.
  • The flight was coded as an Alaska Airlines flight and operated by Alaska Airlines.
  • I was using my Delta frequent flyer number and I am a Diamond Medallion.
  • I checked in with Alaska and had my boarding passes printed at the airport. The boarding passes were Alaska Airlines boarding passes.
  • I was flying from Anchorage to Seattle.

I’ve not seen reports of this happening on any other airline, and most readers on FlyerTalk have reported that this doesn’t work. I doubt that this was a fluke and I am not surprised that Alaska Airlines is the first airline to implement this benefit for other airlines’ elite passengers. Readers, if you have been flying on Alaska as a partner elite and have Pre-Check, let us know what your experience has been.

Update: Reader Anne points out that this may have happened because I have my known traveler number in both my Delta and American profiles.

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