Friday stuff from the interwebs

A bit of travel-related stuff from around the interwebs that’s been sitting around on my desk for a while…

It looks like Southwest and Virgin are coming to LaGuardia.

For my colleagues in Indianapolis (where I am currently staffed) who are interested in signing up for PreCheck, the TSA opened the program for sign-ups at the Indianapolis airport. Since enrollment in Global Entry gives you PreCheck and is only $15 more (PreCheck enrollment costs $85; Global Entry enrollment costs $100), I would highly recommend signing up for Global Entry instead of PreCheck.

Frequent Traveler University in Seattle is now planned and tickets are on sale. I don’t know yet if I’ll be going, but if you’re new to the miles and points game and want to meet some interesting people, you should at least consider checking it out. The sessions are quite informative if you’re new to the miles and points game.

Glass exit portals may be the future of exiting the sterile area of airports. I believe that Point Princess and I saw some of these while we were in Bahrain. Speaking of which, look for us to blog about our trip in the next few months!

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