NYC Airporter provides reasonable, cost-effective transfers between NYC airports

Sometimes you need to make a connection between airports in New York City. On a recent trip, I was connecting through LaGuardia, but my flight was late and my rebooking required me to transfer to JFK. The easy solution in this case was to take a taxi, but I was in the mood to explore a bit and found a good alternative.

The NYC Airporter Express Bus provides a good alternative to a taxi if you are looking to save some cash during your airport transfer. The bus I took was clean, quick, and arrived at the airport to pick me up within 30 minutes as promised.

As of December 2013, here are their prices (one way/round trip):

  • LaGuardia – Mannattan – $13/23
  • JFK – Manhattan – $16/$29
  • LaGuardia – JFK – $13
  • JFK – LaGuardia – $13
  • JFK/LaGuardia – Newark – $24
  • Newark – JFK/LaGuardia – $24

I was able to book at a stand in the baggage claim area at LaGuardia, but they also take bookings on their website or over the phone. More info at

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