Friday blog roundup

Points Princess uncovered a new way to find better award availability on Air France and KLM. FlyingBlue is a Membership Rewards transfer partner, so if you are looking to book on Air France or KLM, definitely check out her post.

Phil shared a news story about a pilot who will probably be losing his job soon. The Dreamlifter, a specially outfitted 747 which is used for shuttling parts for the Boeing 787, landed at the wrong Kansas airport. It looks like they were able to get it out of the airport, despite the runway being about 3000 feet shorter than normal for takeoff.

View From The Wing has a post about a company that helps find airfares based on hidden cities and throwaway tickets. I don’t recommend doing this often, as it almost always is against your carrier’s contract of carriage, but it’s an interesting concept.

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