Where to get good (Tumi) luggage on the cheap

201109-blog-ducati-luggageI chuckled when I read Point Princess’ recent post about her becoming a “mother”. To the casual traveler, announcing to the world that you are a new parent…and showing off the luggage that you recently acquired…may be a bit overblown. However, for the road warrior, quality luggage is one of the most important pieces of travel equipment, and one often becomes quite attached to it. I don’t find her post overblown at all. 🙂

Where do I find my luggage?

I have had very good luck finding high-quality luggage at Costco. In fact, with one exception, my last four luggage purchases have been at Costco, at a substantial discount off the store price. About a year ago, I picked up a Ricardo set which, while not at all flashy, is built like a tank. My most recent purchase was the very stylish Tumi Ducati piece pictured.

If you are looking for luggage, stop by your local Costco and see what they have. You might be pleasantly surprised about what you find.

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