Friday blog roundup

What’s going on around the blogosphere?

The girlfriend shared a fun video of the one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard to happen during a flight delay. Orchestra delayed on airplane performs ‘pop-up’ concert

Reader Anne sent me a link to The Geek’s Guide to International Travel, some reflections on making the switch from paper guide books, passport copies, and maps to putting everything on the smartphone. I’ll gladly go backpacking through Central Asia, but relying on my smartphone’s battery? That’s too adventurous! (Yes, Anne, I know you sent this quite some time ago, but the inbox has been overflowing for a while.)

FrequentMiler has a different way to look at credit card signup bonuses. Rather than thinking of it as a bonus, you can think of it as earning X points per dollar in spending. I generally like this idea, but remember that signup bonuses are still an all-or-nothing game.

Lucky has some details on the Delta/Virgin America joint venture and its implications for earning and redeeming miles on each carrier.

PointsPrincess found some more Vanilla Reloads, for those who are into that sort of thing.

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