I’m back/Where did I go the last week?

I’m back! If you’re wondering *why* I took a vacation from blogging last week, here’s the explanation:

Last Saturday, I gave a talk entitled “Speaking a New Language: Using Business Strategies to Build a Case for New Music Therapy Programs” at the Missouri Music Therapy Institute. My partner, Kirsten Meyer, and I were a bit behind in our preparation, so I took a week off blogging so that we could make sure that the presentation was solid.

I did spend waaaay too much time in the car over the past few days, but on a positive note, I learned to play the ukulele and I discovered a new fondness for country music (mostly because the chords are generally easy to follow and I can play along)!

This week, I’m back to blogging and spending my flights to Tucson working industriously on this week’s content.

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