US Bank Cash+ changes and a reminder to select your categories

Changes are coming to the US Bank Cash+ card in July. Thanks to reader Eric for the heads-up on a lot of the changes.

Starting in July, US Bank will award a $25 bonus for redeeming $100 or more in rewards only once per calendar year. However, all redemptions of $100 or more made prior to July 1, 2013 will receive a $25 Cash+ Bonus. That said, if you have reward dollars on your US Bank Cash+ card that you haven’t redeemed, redeem them in $100 increments now!

Second, starting in July, US Bank will limit the amount of cash back you can earn in your bonus categories. 5% cash back will be earned on the first $2000 of net purchases ($100 maximum cash back).

Finally, many thanks to reader Eric who pointed out that Airlines are no longer a category and that the bonus cash back for US Bank checking account holders is going away in August.

I’ve said previously that this credit card is one of the best for business travelers because of the generous cash back on categories that business travelers use. I’ll still use this card for hotels (up until the $2000 cap), but I will probably shift any restaurant spending to my Chase Freedom credit card. This is still a good card and one that is worth having in your wallet, but it is sadly no longer the amazing deal that it once was.

Also, for people who have the card, a quick reminder: If you haven’t yet selected your bonus categories for July-September, you can do that at

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