Feecation: The great deal that isn’t.

Recently, a few friends have pointed out Feecation as a way to avoid fees (or even make money) while traveling.

At first glance, Feecation promises a “vacation from your fees”. Sounds great, right? But the details are a bit onerous.

First, you are only reimbursed $10 for each receipt you submit. Think that you’re going to get that international Economy Plus seat for free? Nope. Now it costs $130 instead of $140.

Second, the reimbursement limit means that you would have to file  21 separate requests for reimbursement to break even every year. That’s a lot of time managing paper… and that’s just to break even! And that’s assuming that all of your submissions are correctly processed and valid.

Finally, many of the most common/useful fees are not included. Think you’re going to get a discount on the loss/damage waiver with your rental? Nope. Under-25-year-old-renter fee? Sorry. If your one-way car rental is charged per-mile rather than as a fee, you’re out of luck.

At $16.97/month, this is definitely a deal that I’ll pass on.

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